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To see the resources needed be available for all residents to achieve enhanced quality of life by meeting all of there needs.


​The Joy Community Association is an organization of block clubs, residents, advocates, and community leaders dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents of Joy Community area by advocating for safe neighborhoods, healthy homes, restoration, and environmental beautification.

About JCA


Joy Community Association initially began in 2001 when one concerned citizen, founder Angy Webb, began going door-to-door informing residents of a tragic event that took place at the neighborhood high-school. This led to meetings and conversations centered around making the Joy/Southfield area a safe and thriving community. This evolved in 2013 to what is now a 501c3 organization comprised of community members.

Twenty years has passed since Angy knocked on that first door. The association has been able to bring education and resources to the Joy/Southfield community. We're proud of our accomplishments which include

  • Minor Home Repair
  • Community Clean Up For Beautification

  • Youth Violence Prevention Activities

  • Voter Registration and Education

While there's much to be proud of, there's still much to do if we're going to see a lasting transformation. JCA is dedicated to the ongoing work in our community.

Our Story

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